Welcome to my personal website that has been developed as a consequence of repeated requests by the many students, course delegates, and executives that I have had the pleasure of teaching and working with over the last 30 years.


The website will be regularly updated and your inputs and insights will be greatly appreciated. You can find me at

Roger Mills

This site is intended to provide you with a very clear insight to the world of accounting, corporate finance, valuation and risk management from the perspective of a British national who has devoted most of his life and work experience to global emerging markets.


It is British insofar as the divide often encountered between Accounting and Finance is not evident – indeed for more than 20 years I was Professor of both disciplines at a major European Business School. It is not too academic, this being a reflection of my experience not only as an academic, but also a practitioner, an adviser and, an entrepreneur.

About this site

In the website you will also find  an overview and description of the latest copies of

Since 2006 these have been completely revamped to take on not only a newer and fresher appearance, but they have been extensively updated from the early editions written in the 1980s and subsequently.


You will also find outlines of the courses that have been delivered, many of which are still being delivered to specific corporate clients globally.


Over    many   years,  I have delivered and I am still  delivering  a comprehensive  range of

                  both   publicly   for

organisations like Euromoney and for private clients.


Many of these courses are illustrated together with the contents. I still deliver courses to private clients and those illustrated can readily be adapted to suit specific needs.

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Roger Mills


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