World Markets from CNN: This site has updated information on the current level of world equity markets.


Foreign Currency Rates : This site provides updated information on exchange rates between most currencies.


Industry Group Performance: This site provides information on the market performance of different industry groups.




Riskfree Rates


Government Bond Rates from Bloomberg: This is a good site to start looking for long term government security rates by currency.


Risk Premiums


Ibbotson Data: The standard database for stock, bond and bill returns in the United States is from Ibbotson Associates. This is a link to those components of the site that are available to the general public. While much of the data is off limits, there are graphs available for downloading as well as research on historical returns in many markets.


Country ratings criteria from S & P: This site provides an overview of how S&P rates sovereign entities (countries). The rating themselves are not on this site, but they can be obtained from the data section of my web site.


Country Ratings from Moodys: Moody's does not rate as many countries as S&P, but it provides it country ratings on site.


Accounting Information:


Annual Reports from Corpreports: This site provides a comprehensive listing of on-site annual reports for many UK companies.


Annual Reports from Reports Gallery: This site provides a comprehensive listing of on-site annual reports for many US companies as well as links to their home pages.


UK Data directly from London Stock Exchange: This site is the direct link to the LSE and can be used to download corporate filings by companies.


SEC Data directly from the SEC: This site is the direct link to the SEC and can be used to download 10-K, 10-Q and other corporate filings by companies.


UK Initial Public Offering data: This site provides comprehensive information on initial public offerings in the UK.


Initial Public Offering data: This site provides comprehensive information on initial public offerings in the United States, with financial information on the firms going public.


Earnings Estimates & Analyst Reports


Expected Growth Rates: This site allows you to access information on recommendations and earnings estimates made by analysts.


Macro Economic Data


Economic Data and Forecasts: This one provides a wealth of macro economic information.



Capital Structure


Corporate Ratings from S & P: Check out this site for updates from S&P on how they rate companies and averages for financial ratios by different ratings classes.


Business Publications


The Economist: This is the best publication to read for an excellent insight into world news. It also provides excellent country surveys.


Financial Times: This is the site for the "Financial Times", the best source of information on European companies.


Interactive Wall Street Journal: This is excellent for coverage of the US.


Financial World: This site typically has some interesting articles on investing.


Bloomberg Personal: Bloomberg is a very good data source for market and financial data.


Forbes: Forbes provides more investment articles than its competitors.


New York Times Business: Very good on US business issues.


Barron's:  This publication provides very useful technical and market indicators.


Business Week: This publication provides a good balance of market awareness and corporate analysis/reviews.


Worth Magazine: This magazine is designed for investors.


Academic Journals, Publications and Other Research


Journal of Finance: This is the journal of the American Finance Association. It has a mix of corporate finance, investment and capital market research.


Journal of Financial Economics: This is the second heavyweight finance journal.


Journal of Applied Corporate Finance: This is an excellent finance journal that has a clear practitioner focus.


Working papers in Finance and Economics:  This site has links to both abstracts and academic working papers in finance and economics.

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